Adventures by Disney – A Hassle-Free Adventure

A question I’ve been getting a lot lately is, “what is Adventures by Disney?”  It seems many people have never heard of it before, or if they’ve heard of it, they aren’t sure what it is exactly.  I’m going to try to clear up some of the confusion, and explain about this wonderful experience offered by Disney.

Adventures by Disney provides group guided family or Adults Only vacations to various domestic and international destinations.  Two Disney trained Adventure Guides take a group of guests on an adventure.  The guides provide concierge service, guide you around on your adventure, and are incredible storytellers.  Family vacations offer activities for everyone in your party.  Adults Only trips offer activities that are appropriate for adults to enjoy without little ones present, such as wine tastings.

Adventures by Disney travels to more than 25 destinations around the world.  Their recent trip addition is the River Cruise Vacation.

Here is a list of Adventures by Disney Destinations:



Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos


South Africa

Costa Rica

Ecuador: Amazon and Galapagos Islands

Ecuador and Galapagos Islands (Slightly different than above)


Danube River Cruise

Prague Pre-River Cruise Stay


Austria, Germany, Czech Republic

Italy and Amalfi Coast

England and France





Italy and Switzerland


Scotland: A Brave Adventure

7 night Magic of Baltic Cruise

Mediterranean Magic, 5 night Cruise

Mediterranean Magic 7 night Cruise

Barcelona Pre-Cruise Stay

Copenhagen Pre-Cruise Stay

London Pre-Cruise Stay


12 night Magic of the Baltic Cruise


Arizona and Utah

Montana and Alberta, Canada

Nashville Long Weekend

New York City Long Weekend

San Francisco Long Weekend

Southern California


As you can see, there are a variety of choices offered.  Please note, there is a recommended age for each of the destinations.  The youngest recommended age is 5+.  This is the only reason my family has yet to go on one of these trips.  My daughter won’t be 5 until November 2015.  We can’t wait to try one of these trips for ourselves.

Since this is a Disney vacation, you can expect top notch service and lots of extras.  You may be wondering what is included with an Adventures by Disney trip.  Adventures by Disney is about immersing yourself in the cultures, stories, and people of the world, and not worrying about the hassles associated with vacation travel.

Here is what you get with your trip:

VIP Treatment

Hotels and Dining

Activities and Admissions

Hassle-free Travel

If you want to learn more about Adventures by Disney, check out more information at:

You can also contact me for more information, or to start planning your trip.  I’d be happy to send you more information about your destination of choice.


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