What’s your Disney Side?

My Disney side is about having fun and enjoying myself with my daughter.  I’ll wear Disney shirts and jackets to the theme parks, wear mouse ear hats that my daughter picks out for me, pose for pictures with our favorite characters, go on all the rides, and enjoy everything that Disney has to offer.  I don’t worry about looking silly wearing mouse ears and my favorite Disney shirts.  That’s what a Disney vacation is all about.  Having fun with your family and friends.

IMG_4929 IMG_4246 IMG_4863 (2) IMG_7908 IMG_7928 IMG_8181 (2) IMG_8269 IMG_8783

IMG_8343 IMG_8863

My daughter has a collection of Disney hats that she will wear around the theme parks along with her favorite Disney shirts and shoes.  She loves all the rides (especially anything fast or spooky), and enjoys the shows too.  She loves to meet all of her favorite characters.  She’ll get their autographs and take pictures with them.  She even travels with her Minnie Mouse suitcase and princess backpack.  While at the parks, she carries her favorite stuff monkey in her Frozen purse.  She definitely loves to be decked out in Disney.

My husband likes to think of himself as a rebel, so he won’t wear anything Disney related while we’re there…but then he’ll buy a shirt to wear at home.  He wears his Pirates of the Caribbean shirts all the time at home.  He loves tasting all the food at the different parks, and enjoys the rides (even though he acts like we’re dragging him on them).  His favorite rides are Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean.  I think Star Wars may have made it onto his favorites list too.  My husband would be content spending every evening at the Food and Wine Festival eating food, tasting wine/beer, and people watching.  On our last trip, he realized that Epcot’s World Showcase was his favorite spot at Disney World.

What’s your Disney Side?


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