Ever wondered what the staterooms look like on a Disney Cruise Ship?

Staterooms can differ from Cruise Line to Cruise Line, but most have a basic layout.  What makes Disney Cruise Ships unique is that they focus on families.  Staterooms are a little larger then on other Cruse Lines, they have extra sleeping options (like pull down beds), some have split bathrooms, and they have magical extras (like magical portholes).  Disney does their best to make even the cruising experience comfortable for families with various stateroom choices.

Disney Cruise Line currently has four ships:  Wonder, Magic, Fantasy, and Dream.  The Disney Wonder and Disney Magic are sister ships, and the Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream are sister ships.  Sister ships are virtually the same in design/layout.  There are some differences, but they are very similar.

Take a look at some of the stateroom options on the Disney Fantasy and the Disney Dream.


Have you ever been on a Disney Cruise?  I’d love to hear about it.  Leave a comment below and tell me all about your Disney Cruise vacation.  Did you go with your family, or was it an adult trip?  What was your favorite thing to do on the ship?

If you’re interested in learning more about Disney Cruises, or you’d like a free vacation quote, please feel free to contact me.  My services are always free to you, the customer.  I’d be happy to help plan your next Disney vacation.


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