Baby’s 1st Haircut in Magic Kingdom

A few years back, I was doing a bunch of research on Disney World.  I came across some information about getting a haircut at the Harmony Barber Shop in the Magic Kingdom.  This intrigued me.  Especially since at the time, I had a toddler that was in need of a 1st haircut.  I was tempted to hold off on her haircut until we went on vacation, but I didn’t.

harmony barber shop

When you enter the Magic Kingdom park and make your way to Main Street, there is a little barber shop near City Hall (on your left).  They provide haircuts for kids and adults.  Who knew?

The best part is they will do Baby’s 1st Haircut.  The official name is the My First Haircut Package, which includes a printed certificate and a pair of commemorative Mickey ears that have “First Haircut” embroidered on the back. They also give you a clipping of your child’s hair in a mesh bag for you to take home.  How cute is this package?

The price isn’t bad either.  The package is only $19.  I consider that a bargain when you consider how much you can spend on Mickey ears alone in the gift shops.

The Cast Members cutting your child’s hair have fun ways to keep your little one entertained why getting their haircut, like pixie dust (glitter), bubbles, and stickers.

You can make reservations, but walk-ins are also accepted.  The appointments generally take about 15-30 minutes.  If you are a walk-in and there is a wait, you can go enjoy some attractions while you “wait” your turn.

Oh, and don’t forget your camera because this will be a life event you won’t want to forget.  🙂