Packing for Disney World and Disneyland

My husband always finds it humorous to see my detailed packing list months before our vacations.  I write out a list a few months before our trip and start gathering up items little by little.  I go over the list multiple times to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything, and I update the list from year to year as our daughter gets older and doesn’t need certain items anymore (like pull ups and other baby/toddler supplies).


My suitcase, my daughter’s suitcase, and my carry-on bag from a couple years ago.

My friends ask me how to pack for a Disney trip.  They don’t know where to start, and are afraid of forgetting something important.  One of my biggest traveling fears is leaving something at home we need, so that’s why I always start gathering stuff for my trip well in advance.
Our Magic Bands.  We put ours on the morning we leave so we won't forget them, and so we can get used to wearing them.

Our Magic Bands. We put ours on the morning we leave so we won’t forget them, and so we can get used to wearing them.

Since I’m writing this blog now, I thought I’d share my packing list with my readers.  I hope this helps some of you prepare for your own trips.  I’ll try to break the list down into sections so it’s easier to follow.  The list is basically a guide to help you remember what you may need to pack.  It doesn’t mean that everyone needs all of these items on their trip.  Depending on what you’re doing, if you have kids traveling with you, and the age of the kids…everyone’s packing list may be a little different.  There are things on this list that we don’t take because we don’t need it, or don’t want to bother taking it with us.  Please just use the list as a reference guide.

My daughters backpack for the airport and airplane, my purse for this trip, our Magic Bands, my camera case, and my jacket.

I like to be prepared for anything, so I do pack an extra shirt or two, an extra pair of pants, and extra socks and underwear.  What I’ve learned from our trips is sometimes we like to shower mid-day and put fresh clothes on.  The morning and early afternoon can be hot out, and we sweat more.  When we go out in the evening, it’s cooler and we don’t have to worry about getting all sweaty.
I bring lots of activities to keep my daughter busy on the plane.

I bring lots of activities to keep my daughter busy on the plane.

We also had one experience where we got absolutely soaked on a water ride (where we were still dripping wet 30 minutes later), and we had to change into fresh clothes and shoes for the evening.  I’m serious, even our shoes were soaking wet and my daughter’s shoes refused to dry properly.  I figure I would rather pack a little extra, then be stuck having to buy clothes there just so we have a fresh outfit to wear when needed.  But that’s just me.  Others may not mind.

Disney Packing List
Clothing Items:
Shirts – short sleeve and long sleeve
Bras, Underwear, Shapewear
Costumes, Costume Shoes, and Accessories
Cover – Ups
Dressy Clothes (for nice dinners)
Pantyhose or Tights
Jacket (for cool nights)
Gym Shoes
Sandals/Flip Flops
Water Shoes
Dress Up Shoes
Watch, Jewelry, Scarves, and Accessories

Personal Care Items:
Case for Contact Lens/Glasses, Cleaning Solution, etc
Eyeglasses Repair Kit
Eye Drops
Lip Balm
Face Wash
Face Lotion
Acne Medication
Make-Up Remover
Liquid Hand Soap
Shower Gel
Body Lotion
Hand Lotion
Perfume/Cologne/Body Spray
Shower Poof
Shaving Gel
Nail Clippers
Nail File
Nail Polish
Nail Polish Remover
Foot Spray
Foot Powder
Shampoo/Conditioner/Leave-In Conditioner
Shower Cap
Hair Spray/Hair Gel/Mousse
Styling Serum
Hair Brush/Comb
Hair Bands/Headbands/Hair Clips
Hair Dryer
Curling Iron/Flat Iron
Sunscreen for body and face
Burn Ointment
Band Aids
Neosporin or other Antibiotic Ointment
Aloe Vera
Gum (It’s not sold anywhere on Disney property)
Breath Mints
Pain Medicine
Allergy/Sinus Medicine
Gas and Antacid Medicine
Diarrhea and/or Constipation Medicine
Cold/Flu Medicine
Cough Drops (these are very hard to find, so bring your favorite type with)
Motion Sickness Meds
Menstrual Cramp Medicine
Birth Control Pills
Baby/Kid Shampoo and Conditioner
Baby/Kid Body Lotion
Baby/Kid Bath Soap
Baby/Kid Toothbrushes and Toothpaste
Baby/Kid Medicine – Pain Meds, Tummy Meds, and Pain Relievers
Baby/Kids Vitamins
Baby/Kid Hairbrush and Comb
Baby/Kid Hairbands and Headbands
Baby/Kid Hair Detangler
Baby/Kid Nail Clippers
Antibacterial Wipes
Prescription Medications
Blister Cream/Pads

Paperwork and Money for Trip:
Flight Confirmation and Boarding Passes
Hotel Confirmation
Transportation Confirmation (Magical Express, Shuttles, Car Service, etc)
Vacation Package Confirmation
Car Rental Confirmation
Theme Park Tickets or Magic Bands
Water Park Tickets
Special Event Tickets
Fastpass+ Reservations
Advanced Dining Reservations Confirmation Numbers
Park Maps
Cash (Dollar Bills for tips, tolls, etc)
Pennies (for Penny Press)
Envelopes for Mousekeeping Tips  (I leave a tip for Mousekeeping everyday of our stay)
Credit/Debit Cards
Driver’s License or State ID
Insurance Cards
Membership Cards (AARP, AAA, etc)
Address Book, Pen, and Stamps for sending Post Cards to family and Friends
Notebooks (I bring a small notebook with important info like confirmations, Fastpass+ reservations, etc)
Autograph Books and Large Pen

Everything Else You May Need:
Park Bag
Beach Bag
Cell Phone and Charger
Camera and Charger
Camcorder and Charger
Tablet or eReader, and Charger
Earbuds or Headphones
Ipod and Charger
Disposable Camera or Cheap Camera for Kids
Underwater Camera
Laptop and Charger
Power Strip for hotel room
Portable Charger
Landyards for adults and kids (and Disney pins)
Trading Pins
Ziplock bags of various sizes
Plastic Bags for dirty/wet clothes, for wrapping stuff up, etc.
Lunch Bag/Collapsible Cooler
Tupperware Containers
Plastic Water Bottles for filling up with water
Rain Poncho (for rainy days and water rides)
Antibacterial Hand Gel and Wipes
Tide Wipes for food stains
Books and magazines for traveling
Travel Games and Card Games
Travel Pillows and blankets
Bug Spray
Bug Bite Ointment
Anti-Itch Cream
Earplugs for sleeping and for airplanes
Noseplug for swimming
First Aid Kit
Safety Pins for clothes
Water bags for wet clothes
Clothes Pins for hanging clothes
Sewing Kits
Small Scissors
Wrinkle Spray for clothes
Over the Door bags and organizers (nice for personal care items)
Portable Workout Equipment and Clothes
Alarm Clock
Sound Machine for sleeping
Water Toys
Beach Towels
Arm Floaties for young kids in pools
Mister Fan
Snacks for traveling, the theme parks, and hotel rooms
Laundry Detergent, Dryer Sheets, Coins for Laundry Machines

Baby Care (Toddler Care) Items:
Swim Diapers
Butt Ointment
Diaper Bag
Toilet Seat Covers
Sippy Cups
Baby Food
Baby Snacks
Plastic Cups with Straws
Portable High Chair
Baby Table Topper (for restaurants)
Pack and Plays
Portable Crib
Car Seat/Booster Seat
Board Games/Car Games
Personal DVD Player and DVDs
Handheld Games
Blankets and Pillow
Baby Toys
ID Tags (I use an ID tattoo for my daughter)
Outlet Covers
Window Shades
Travel Pillow
Coloring Books, Crayons, Markers, and Stickers
Books and Magazines
Activity Books

Did I forget anything from my list?  What are some of your MUST HAVE items when you go to Disney?