Stroller Rental Companies in Orlando, FL

The past two years, we’ve rented a stroller for our trips to Disney World.  We didn’t want to worry about bringing our stroller from home, and we wanted something that would be easy to carry on the buses.  It was very convenient because the stroller was actually delivered to our resort, and all we had to do was pick it up the day we arrived from Bell Services.  Then on the day we were scheduled to leave, we drop it off and the stroller companies picks it up from the resort.  Simple, right?

Our daughter in 2013 at Animal Kingdom.  She was almost 3 years old.

Our daughter in 2013 at Animal Kingdom. This is the week before her 3rd birthday.  Her monkey was riding in the stroller while she walked.

We also liked the idea of having a more comfortable stroller than the ones offered in the parks.  Don’t get me wrong, I can remember my family using the plastic molded strollers in the theme parks when I was little and it was fine.  I don’t remember ever complaining about it.  But…I wanted my daughter to have something softer to ride around in, and a stroller that would have storage for packages and drinks.  For us, renting a stroller just made sense.  Like with most things, deciding whether renting a stroller is right for you is going to be a personal decision.  There are pros and cons to bringing your own stroller, renting a Disney stroller, and renting a stroller from an outside company.

Taking a break and eating some popcorn in her stroller in 2014.

Taking a break and eating some popcorn in her stroller in 2014.  This was several days before she turned 4 years old.

Here is a list of the top stroller rental companies in Orlando and their websites.  I’m going to start with the company we used in 2013 and 2014.  They are hands down my preferred company.

1. Magic Strollers

2. Kingdom Strollers

3. Orlando Stroller Rentals

4. Apple Stroller

5. Simple Stroller Rental

6. Baby Wheels Orlando

7. A Baby’s Best Friend

8. Baby’s Away

We have nothing but good things to say about Magic Strollers.  We have not encountered any problems, and we highly recommend them.  They are my go-to company for booking stroller rentals for customers.  Another highly recommended stroller company is Kingdom Strollers.  As a travel agent, I know a lot of people that use Kingdom Strollers and they have high praise for the service and the condition of the strollers.  Orlando Stroller Rental would be my last recommendation.  I hear good things about their service as well.  All three of these stroller companies are Disney preferred providers.

As for the remaining stroller rental companies, I don’t know them as well, so I can’t say whether or not I would recommend them.  I would suggest doing a little research to find out more about them if you are considering using them.  I have reviewed information about each company, and they seem to be reliable companies.  My main concern with some of them is that they don’t deliver to Disney resorts and leave the stroller with Bell Services.  You may have to meet them for delivery to accept the stroller.  This has the possibility of being very inconvenient, so please keep that in mind.

The best part of using a stroller rental company is that it is generally hassle free, and you have a clean and comfortable stroller for your child.  Our daughter walks probably 90% of the day, but that 10% of the day when she does ride in the stroller makes the cost worth it to us.

Here are my top reasons for having a stroller at WDW:

–  Having storage for souvenirs, jackets, rain ponchos, drinks, etc.

–  Sometimes our daughter just gets tired and wants a break from walking for a few minutes.

–  It’s a comfortable place for her to sit while waiting for fireworks, parades, and the bus (to and from the parks).

–  It’s easier for us to get through crowds when she’s in the stroller (like after a fireworks display).

–  At the end of the day when we get back to the hotel and we are exhausted, we can put her in the stroller instead of having to carry a half asleep child back to our room.  It is seriously a lifesaver.  Especially when your room is a long walk from the bus stop.  Believe me, we are very thankful for our stroller at the end of a long day.

Everyone has their own reasoning for wanting a stroller with them while at Disney World.  I recommend it for young kids.  It will make your life a lot easier.  One of the worst things you can see at Disney World is an overly tired child that is being forced to walk around the parks, resorts, etc.


In the evening, getting ready to pick a spot to wait for a parade at Magic Kingdom in 2014.


Waiting for a bus back to our resort for a mid-day break in 2014. We just missed a bus, so our wait was about 15 minutes.


Entering Magic Kingdom in 2014. She was still trying to fully wake up, and it had just stopped raining out.

Our last night at Disney World in 2013.  It was chilly out, she was starting to show signs of catching a cold, and we were all getting tired.

Our last night at Disney World in 2013. It was chilly out, she was starting to show signs of catching a cold, and we were all getting tired.  

If you book a Disney vacation with me, I can help you select the best stroller rental company for your family and make the reservation for you.  If you prefer to make the reservation yourself, I can assist you in selecting a company to use.

If you would like more information on stroller rental companies, or are thinking about booking a Disney vacation, please contact me for more information.

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